Thursday, November 7, 2013

Parents Regretting Circumcison

There's no pain like the pain a mother or father feels knowing they made a mistake when it came to their children. It's a tough lesson to learn and many wonder why they had to learn the hard way. A strong, amazing, great parent, though, is the one that learns from their mistakes. Instead of defending their choices, they feel humility and share their stories so others won't go down the wrong path they did. 

These are the stories of parents regretting circumcision. Whether it be a medical emergency that ultimately changed their mind, or a witness to how it changed their son emotionally, or just the realization that these boys will grow to be men with their own bodies, everyone has their own story. We share these stories in hopes that someone will read them and choose against the procedure. We can't take back what we did to our children, but we can help save future ones.

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