Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Story

I will just start by saying, IF I COULD GO BACK ON TIME! 

I thought I knew it all; while pregnant, I did lots of reading, took a birthing class, had a natural un-medicated water birth with a midwife, made sure umbilical cord stopped pulsating before was cut, breastfed past one and a half years old, co-slept and I still agreed and allowed my one-day-old perfect baby being circumcised. 

I just thought it was a personal decision and would follow if the baby's father was or not circumcised. My husband is circumcised so we thought they could look alike. My husband was all for it and had strong feelings about it so I didn't question it. When they took my son to do the procedure at one day old, my husband and I went in for a walk in the hallway, peeked in the nursery and saw behind closed curtains where they hold and strap the baby, that my baby was put on the table and we just walked away. I cried all the way to my room and knew that deep inside that wasn't what I wanted, that wasn't what my baby wanted, that wasn't the right decision for him. 

When the nurse saw me crying, I just said I was worried he would feel pain. Hours later they brought him in and he was sleeping. After that everything was normal, the cut looked and healed perfectly without complications. Just to think I forced a decision that affected his body makes me very sad. Circumcision should be done if there is a real medical reason and be done with the child’s consent after they reach adulthood. There is nothing I can do now, what is done is done. I just ask for other mothers-to-be to please do your research and follow your heart. I read so many stories where the mother knew deep inside not to do something and they ended up regretting. I just hope my baby boy will know that mommy did what she thought was best at the time and he will forgive me. 

I’m currently expecting baby#2 and if it’s a boy he will be an intact perfect baby boy.


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